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When it came time in 2012 to relocate the original Firehouse Subs restaurant in Jacksonville, (the first of now more than 600 restaurants), we turned to Margie to get the deal done. It was not an easy transaction, but with Margie's professionalism and determination, we got it done.

Don Fox

Chief Executive Officer

Firehouse of America, LLC



I have known Margie for a few years, since I arrived here from Detroit to serve as the CEO for Jacksonville's Downtown Investment Authority. In that time, she has presented herself as a robust advocate of our yearning downtown revitalization, and has been a productive voice for policy, such as participating in the creation of our new Retail Enhancement Program. Margie is an expert in her properties and in her market; she is known and beloved by our City and I applaud her continued efforts to help rise the tide for all here in Jacksonville.

Aundra C. Wallace -

Chief Executive Officer, Downtown Investment Authority for the City of Jacksonville


I’m delighted to find a commercial real estate broker with Margie’s unique experience and creativity here in Jacksonville. We’ve had many discussions about challenged, hard-to-sell properties and adaptive re-use, and I’ve always come away impressed by her insight and vision. She is highly energetic and passionate about what she does, and her tenacity is exactly what is needed to make a successful transaction.

Doris Goldstein

Planning Consultant, Mixed-use Walkable Development


Margie is a high energy, creative, and a hard working broker. She is committed to making her deals work. She is tenacious and determined to represent her clients best interests at all times. I recently hired Margie to represent me in a vacant retail space Downtown. She achieved incredible results in very short order where another broker had failed for over a year. She is currently representing me on another Downtown retail space and I am expecting great results there also. An important lesson learned is that it matters which broker you hire! I would gladly recommend her to others.

Mike Langton

President, Langton Associates


"Margie is an action-oriented person. She makes things happen here in Jacksonville. And she has great experiences in New York to back it up!"

Jerry Mallot –

President, JaxUSA Partnership

Executive Vice President, Jax Chamber of Commerce



Margie is a charming, savvy, high-energy professional! I met her through Leadership Jacksonville and really value her friendship and advice on a range of issues. With her great sense of humor, open heart, and knowledge of the commercial real estate business, she is a winner and an asset to Jacksonville!

Melissa Ross – 

Host/Producer, First Coast Connect, WJCT FM/TV


Margie was did excellent and fast work. I had been looking for office space for over 6 months. In one week, Margie compiled an extensive and inclusive list of properties. She then helped negotiate a deal. The entire process took less than a few weeks. I am able to give Margie my highest recommendation!

Mark Cheiken

Dermatologist, Dermatology Associates of Northeast Florida


Margie is one of the finest brokers I have had the pleasure to work with. She knows the market, the game and how to close. If you are selling a property, you must give her a chance to pitch her services. She knows how to do it right. I am currently working with her to get a major assignment and hoping to close it. She is also a close personal friend for over twenty-five years.

Chris Havens

Brooklyn Office Leasing for Tenants and Landlords


Margie was a member of my executive team in the Mayor's Office of Operations during the Koch years, and served as a program analyst and oversight liaison to city agencies, identifying and developing solutions to agency performance problems and advancing the Mayor's productivity and service improvement programs. She conceived and we implemented her model program for recognizing and reporting child abuse in all public institutions funded by City of New York. She was always conscientious, well respected and highly creative. Her duties included analyzing annual productivity levels and preparing policy briefing documents for me, the Mayor and Deputy Mayor. Margie was very passionate about civic life and was an articulate advocate and effective agent for change. We knew she would make her imprint on any city's landscape, which clearly, she has.

Brendan Sexton

President, The Sexton Company


Margie is in that small select group of true, top rate real estate brokerage professionals. Smart, honest, a deal maker who is a pleasure to deal with and true 'hand shake' quality person.

Andrew Froehlich

President,  Ridge Partners LLC - Real Estate


Margie is a mixture of intrigue and perseverance! Her unswerving enthusiasm is intriguing and her perseverance is reflected in the fact that she will not quit until her client is able to see the rational choices available to them…she demonstrated her winning ways by selling our medical office building that had no buyers or offers for years! She made it happen. She takes the time to learn the potential clients needs and passions and then applies her mental software. Her approach to commercial real estate is clinical like a physician, authentic and genuine like a preacher, and realistic as a lawyer but in the end, as grounded and proactive a businesswoman as you will find anywhere. We have found it hard to find a replacement as we now consider downsizing our residence to whatever options and alternatives would be best at this juncture in our life. 

Dr. Atul and Dipti Shah


I worked with Margie when I chaired the board of the Princeton (NJ) Regional Chamber of Commerce. Margie was an active member of our Chamber and an enthusiastic supporter -- not just of Chamber activities, but of Chamber members in all endeavors. She was a particularly well respected member of the real estate community. I had hoped she would be able to take on leadership roles with the Chamber, but she had a full plate in commercial real estate at the time. We miss Margie's engery, creativity, and ability to bring people and ideas together. Princeton's loss is Jacksonville's gain!

Karen Jezierny

Director of Public Affairs, Princeton University


“Although I’ve only known Margie for a little over a year, I have to say she has become one of my most trusted allies in this crazy industry of real estate. As a commercial investor/developer, Margie has not only been amazing to work with on finding properties to consider but she really has an unbelievable wealth of knowledge about what she presents to me and with her contacts and relationships, she brings much more to the table than just good fits on properties I’m seeking. Margie is also one that pretty much ticks all the boxes of the type of person I want as a part of my “dream team”. Most importantly, she is someone that you can absolutely count on to do what she says she’s going to do - and that, to me, is not all that easy to find anymore.  On a personal level, Margie is loads of fun, super easy to talk to and just an amazing person.”

Marty True 

Principal, Xstatic Realty Group



Margie has been one of the most enthusiastic people I have met. She is totally committed to every aspect of Jacksonville : culture, economics and development. An intense person eager to build a real estate enterprise. I enjoy being around her.

Ted Pappas –

FAIA, PBV Archicture


I am a developer based out of South Florida and Margie Seaman has been the key for my company making successful transactions within the Jacksonville Metro Area. Her knowledge, network and charisma have been pleasure to work with no matter how many miles apart we are from each other.  Her response and communication skills are bar none the best in Duval. I highly recommend her and I will continue to reach out to Margie Seaman anytime my work brings me to the First Coast.

Keep up the excellent work Margie.

Shaun J. Rycroft –

Developer Associate


Margie, is very tenacious, full of enthusiasm and she loves real estate and is apparently very good at it. 

Warren Tyre 

Owner, Commercial Real Estate Solutions of Jacksonville, Inc



Margie is one of the pillars in the community in Jacksonville, Florida. I met Margie at an put on by Junior Achievement, and when I was in transition for a job search, I was able to reach out to Margie for her help in connecting me to other professionals in the Jacksonville area. She was very prompt and courteous in responding to ensure that I joined her at her next Downtown Rotary meeting. If Margie is this prompt with supporting and helping others, I can only imagine her dedication to helping people in her field of Realty and Property Management. She is a rock star!

Kemal Gasper

Wellness District Manager,  

BB&T@Work Financial Wellness



Margie is a well informed broker who knows how to introduce Sellers to potential Buyers. Her in-depth knowledge of Long Island City made her one of the best real estate experts in that area. Margie knows how to get a deal done expeditiously and with great focus.

Leslie Himmel

Partner at Himmel + Meringoff Properties



"I worked with Margie while she was Chief of Staff for City Councilman Robert J. Dryfoos, representing Manhattan's Upper East Side. During this time I ran Assemblyman Richard Gottfried office and primarily related to the policy making bodies in Albany during Governors Carey and Cuomo, Margie, whose functions centered around New York City's Mayor Edward Koch and City Hall, was one of our primary links to the City's issues at that time. Margie was highly informed, productive and exceptionally organized, always accessible and informing to our aides and staff during sensitive budget negotiations and legislative briefings. Margie was an enthusiastic and engaging consensus builder and superb public speaker for the Councilman, able to clearly articulate key issues she represented to his constituents. As president of her immediate Upper East Side Manhattan neighborhood association on East 64/65th Street, consisting of 2,500 residents, Margie was asked to run for State Assembly, but declined at the time, saying that she preferred to support the existing incumbent whose policies she deeply respected."

Eben Bronfman

Director of Intergovernmental Relations

& Communtiy Affairs at Bramson ORT College


Simply put, Margie is one of the happiest and positive people I have ever met in my life. She is always smiling and spreading positive energy into the world. It has been a please to be acquainted with her over the last several years. The world needs more people like Margie with such an amazing ability to uplift others. I am honored to know her!

Christopher Gould

Owner, Gould Design Inc.


I met Margie through a Social Action Community , where we both volunteered . She was the leader of our group. She has such a great strength for leadership with her enthusiasm and organization skills. Her meetings were always kept on schedule, and we had a fun timing while helping to make out community a better place for us all us to enjoy! She was such a pleasure to volunteer with.

Nadia Gould

Owner, Gould Design Inc.


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